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Casinos Austria als Leitbetrieb zertifiziert

Repeated distinction for sustainability and social responsibility


“A leading company”, as per the generally recognised definition, “is a company that does not focus on short term profits but on sustainable company success” and thus accepts in particular “responsibility for society”.


Casinos Austria is such a leading company. The twelve Austrian casinos are a source of inspiration for the region and contribute to the creation of value to a degree far exceeding its own sales performance, always with a clear focus on sustainability. Casinos Austria’s exceptional range of services has convinced the Leading Companies Austria Institute several times. On July 21, Karl Stoss, Chairman of Casinos Austria, received the certificate from Monica Rintersbacher, Managing Director of Leading Companies Austria. “We are delighted if our status as a leading company is also recognised in this way, signed and sealed, in particular in view of the fact that we have played that role for over 45 years and breathe life into it,” says Stoss.


In the framework of the extensive and precisely documented certification process, sustainability, market positioning, CSR-, employee- and general stakeholder-orientation are considered. The assessment of the individual data is carried out on the basis of specific guidelines used in credit rating and company assessment. Casinos Austria is the only gaming company successfully certified by the Leading Companies Austria Institute.


Leading Companies Austria honours the country’s model companies. In addition, the independent platform connects these companies across all industries in the shape of an economic network of Austria’s best companies. Sustainable company success, innovation and social responsibility take priority with regard to certification: “Casinos Austria was able to convince in every respect during the certification process and thus is basically entitled to continue being part of our excellence-network,” said Monica Rintersbacher, Managing Director at Leading Companies Austria.


Photo: Mag. Monica Rintersbacher, Managing Director Leading Companies Austria, Dr. Karl Stoss, Chairman – Casinos Austria


Photo credit: Casinos Austria AG