Österreichische Galerie Belvedere

  • location Headquarter: Vienna
  • ort Offices: Vienna
  • branche Education, Research & Development, Trade, Sports, Culture & Lifestyle, Tourism & Hotel Business


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The Austrian Gallery Belvedere is a federal museum with an educational mission. It is also a magnet for tourism. The exhibition and event rooms are located in the Belvedere Palace, which is a unique architectural ensemble: Built as a representative and residential building for Prince Eugene of Savoy, the two castles, the Upper and Lower Belvedere, with their spacious garden are among the most beautiful baroque buildings in the world today and are part of the UNESCO World Heritage. The Palace is a site of Austrian history, the highlight of the city, as well as a world-class art-historical and contemporary museum.

The Belvedere collection includes several thousand masterpieces from eight centuries of art history – from the Middle Ages to contemporary work. Its focus is on Austrian art, supplemented by works by internationally renowned artists. A representative part of the collection can be seen in the Upper Belvedere, which includes the world’s largest Gustav Klimt collection with his most famous painting, The Kiss (Lovers).

Interesting temporary exhibitions are presented in the Lower Belvedere and the Orangery, and the Medieval treasure house in the former splendid stable offers a glimpse into the art of the Middle Ages. The Belvedere buildings also include the Belvedere 21, a contemporary, lively art space and meeting point in the future urban area near the new central station.



The Belvedere offers its visitors unique experiences and unforgettable moments – whether it is in the form of an exciting museum and exhibition visit or as part of an event that can be booked or planned at the Belvedere.

In addition to the world-class art collection and changing exhibitions, the Belvedere offers an exquisite setting for events. Whether it is an elegant gala dinner, stylish reception or hip cocktail party – it has the right room for every occasion:

The marble hall of the Upper Belvedere, once the ballroom of Prince Eugene, offers a breathtaking backdrop for elegant dinners and exclusive celebrations. The spectacular location also offers what is probably the most famous view of Vienna. The Austrian State Treaty was signed here in 1955. The lower Belvedere impresses visitors with the splendour of Prince Eugene’s former living and entertainment rooms, offering space for celebrations in the Hall of Grotesques, in the Gold Cabinet or in the Marble Gallery with direct access to the chamber garden.

At Belvedere 21, the spacious foyer offers plenty of space for cocktail receptions and special events in a casual atmosphere and trendy ambience. The newly restored Blickle Cinema combines original equipment and the atmosphere of the 1950s with state-of-the-art event technology, providing the ideal space for cinema, lecture and discussion events.