Drott Medizintechnik GmbH

  • Headquarter: Vienna
  • Federal states: Vienna
  • Industry sectors: Pharmaceuticals, health & biotechnology, Service providers, Trade & wholesale


Founding year



10 %

Export share


The high quality requirements, contacts with leading suppliers and many years of experience allow Drott Medizintechnik to offer tailor-made solutions to its customers. In this respect, the company considers the customer’s entire environment, the existing facilities and processes and it is available during the planning and decision phase in terms of holistic solutions.

As a market leader, Drott Medizintechnik has learned from experience and from dialogue with customers that the successful implementation of a solution is a continuous process and it requires more than one analyser. They assist with the optimisation and organisation of analytical processes – from the request for a measurement to the documentation of results.

The accompanying instructional and training courses for users are Drott’s real strength. The continuous support in imparting fundamental knowledge and particular areas of application is regarded as added value, which distinguishes Drott from its competitors.

Products and services

Blood gas analysis
Radiometer analysers have offered the highest level of quality, user-friendliness and reliability for over 60 years

Transcutaneous monitoring
Transcutaneous devices allow the effective and non-invasive monitoring of partial oxygen and carbon dioxide pressure

Cardiac, coagulation, sepsis and pregnancy diagnostics
The AQT90 FLEX analyser combines the highest level of quality and simplest operation for fast diagnostic decisions

Blood sugar measurement
The linkable blood sugar monitoring system with integrated barcode scanner and automatic strip ejection for the full archiving of measurement and patient data

Pulsating magnetic stimulation
The Salus Talent device creates a deep, pulsating magnetic field for pain relief, even in hard to reach body regions

Medical Proionic® System
INDIBA® Active Cell therapy stimulates the natural healing processes and mechanisms for tissue repair in a non-invasive manner

High-intensity laser therapy
The big difference between HILTERAPIA® and MLS® Impulses and conventional laser therapy is the high and rapid healing effect in deep areas

tipstim® and RAPAEL® induce neuroplasticity in patients with brain damage

Osteoporosis diagnostics
Bindex® is an efficient and precise measuring instrument for osteoporosis diagnostics

Advanced® Osmometer (freezing point osmometer) for measuring osmolality in blood, plasma, stool, urine or sweat

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