• Headquarter: Carinthia
  • Federal states: Lower Austria, Upper Austria, Salzburg, Tyrol, Vorarlberg, Styria, Carinthia
  • Industry sectors: Construction, Industry & production, IT, online service providers, telecommunications, Logistics, transport, traffic & infrastructure, Service providers, Trade & wholesale
  • Status: Recertified


Founding year


10 %

Export share

Germany, Italy, Switzerland

K.E.M. Montage GmbH is a full-service provider in the fields of communications, telecommunications, electrical engineering and building services and glass fibre products. As an engineering firm and general contractor, it specialises in the planning and implementation of sophisticated infrastructure projects for telecommunications, transport and energy providers.

The company has seven locations in Austria and develops global solutions that include acquisition, planning, project and construction management, execution, documentation and ongoing maintenance.
The largest customers include telecom providers, road and rail owners and electricity suppliers.

Products and services

As a full-service provider in the areas of communication, news, electrical and building services, as well as general contractors and engineering firms and as one of the leading Austrian companies in the field of cable assembly, K.E.M. MONTAGE GmbH specialises in the professional planning and implementation of telecommunications, transport and energy infrastructure projects.

K.E.M. MONTAGE GmbH supports you as a full-service provider in the field of communication technology from planning and acquisition to material delivery, execution and documentation, to the maintenance and ongoing repair of communication systems.
(FTTX planning, fibre-optic technology, symmetrical telecommunication cables, traffic, information and control systems, tunnelling and mobile communications)

As a full-service provider in the field of electrical engineering, K.E.M. MONTAGE GmbH handles (3D) planning, project planning and implementation of electrical installations, implementation of smart home solutions as well as maintenance and ongoing repair of your systems.
(Smart metering, E-installations, cable installation, structured cabling, smart Home, E-petrol stations, etc.)

The team at K.E.M. MONTAGE GmbH supports builders in 3D assembly planning, builds HKLS Haustechnik systems and ensures ongoing maintenance and servicing.
(Building technology planning, heating technology, HVAC, photovoltaic)

The engineering office of K.E.M. MONTAGE GmbH specialises in the implementation of infrastructure projects in the fields of telecommunications, mobile communications, traffic and energy supply, and assists with acquisition, submission, routing, project planning, construction supervision, planning and project realisation.

K.E.M. MONTAGE GmbH offers you a wide range of passive glass fibre products, which include mini tube systems, cables, sleeve technology, distribution enclosures, patch panels, cabinet systems and wall housings in 19” technology as well as fibre-optic connectors and all accessories.

Maintenance for all trades!

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