Leitbetriebe Austria – Code of conduct

  • We cultivate an environment in which all members work in partnership and value each other.
  • We rely on trust and respect for individuals and organizations. We feel committed to all our stakeholders in a balanced relationship bases on partnership.
  • We take responsibility: on our own initiative, socially and sustainably when dealing with resources and society. We get actively involved in initiatives where our commerical activities can benefit society.
  • The result of our activities is to provide added value that is borne out in economic success. We see innovation, research and development as key factors of success.
  • We understand the importance of value-adding networks. We understand that networking activities provide excellent opportunities to learn and benefit from each other as well as empower each other.
  • We act in an exemplary manner: often extraordinary, success-oriented and always committed to our principles and attitude. We provide guidance in areas such as employee and performance orientation, market position and regional development.