Finalit Komplett-Steinpflege GmbH

  • Headquarter: Lower Austria
  • Federal states: Lower Austria, Carinthia
  • Industry sectors: Construction, Home & garden, Industry & production, Service providers, Trade & wholesale
  • Status: Newly Certified


Founding year



35 %

Export share

Germany, Czech Republic, Italy, Russia, Greece, Canada, Singapore, Australia, Ireland, Qatar, Poland, Switzerland, Hungary, Great Britain, Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Azerbaijan, South Korea

Finalit is a successful Austrian company that operates on an international level with its focus on the care and protection of stone and tiled surfaces and which offers products for basic cleaning, special cleaning, impregnation and care as well as the corresponding services in both private and public areas. Natural stone, tiles, cotto, concrete slabs – no matter where your problem lies Finalit has the solution!

The company vision is to treat all world heritage sites and to make the Finalit quality accessible to everybody, from private households to big projects.

The Finalit franchise system has been offered nationally and internationally for 2 years now.

Some of the most famous prestige projects that have been successfully treated using Finalit products include the Saqqara and Cheops pyramids in Egypt, the Diana Memorial Fountain in Hyde Park in London and the Frauenkirche (Church of our Lady) in Dresden. Finalit has also been used in our home market of Austria to clean such buildings as the Parliament, the new West Station and the National Bank of Austria in Vienna and to protect them against dirt and environmental impacts.

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More Information

Products and services

The development of the Finalit product line has drawn from the practical experience of the stonemason’s busi-ness. The goal is to solve problems like stains, discolouration of joint edges, coatings or efflorescence swiftly and efficiently and to provide long-term protection, slip-resistance, protection against graffiti and much more.

Finalit products have been tested by the MA 39 Testing and Research Institute of the city of Vienna and are resistant to UV rays and de-icing salt, safe for food preparation areas, breathable, stain and water-resistant. Treated surfaces are ready for use again after just one hour.

Finalit products make natural and artificial stones such as marble, granite, sandstone, limestone as well as porcelain and ceramic tiles, terracotta, concrete and many more shine again.

Finalit Services – for both private and public projects

Finalit offers cleaning, restoration, protection and care directly on siteby professionally trained teams.

Finalit Teams treat:

  • soiled surfaces
  • efflorescence
  • lime, joint edge discolourations
  • mould, moss, algae
  • stubborn stains such as grease, rust, wine etc.
  • coatings
  • graffiti
  • slippery floors
  • ugly streaks caused by poor cleaning
  • matt, worn stones etc.

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