HELDECO CAD/CAM Fertigungstechnik GmbH

  • Headquarter: Styria
  • Federal states: Styria
  • Industry sectors: Automotive, Education, research & development, Industry & production, Logistics, transport, traffic & infrastructure
  • Status: Recertified


Founding year



As far as precision working and competences in processing procedures are concerned, to the highest quality standards and top-rate supplier- and delivery –reliability, then the HELDECO Company is the BEST contact address in the area of ‘CNC’ job order finishing. The scope of the activities of this mechanical engineering Company is extensive.
Under the corporate slogan: ‘highest quality for highest demands’, individual and series job orders are undertaken in the metal-working techniques of milling, lathing, boring, slotting, grinding and sawing as well as overall processing- and finishing -routines.
Ongoing training and advanced training of the workforce as well as continuous capital investment in the workshop machinery and in the most modern processing techniques, enable the HELDECO Company to expand its know-how on an ongoing basis.
On the total production area of over 4,500 square metres, conventional metalworking processes are carried out alongside all forms of welding and forging procedures, as well as specialist metallurgical- and superalloy routines and that right through from extremely small components to assemblies of up to 12 metres length and a maximum unit weight of 30 metric tonnes.

Products and services

The business, as a reliable contractual party of many years’ experience, covers all the requirements of the following trades:

– the general mechanical engineering of plant, equipment and machinery
– cold drop-forge-and swage -working and die and mould-making
– rolling mill industry requirements
– hydraulic power industry requirements
– Offshore industry requirements (oil-drilling platforms, pipelines, etc.)
– Nuclear power station construction
– Aerospace industry
– Automotive industry, private and commercial vehicles
– Ship-building industry
– Foodstuff industry
– Rail vehicle construction industry
– Technical research and development institutions

The quality-control management aspect is top priority in the enterprise.
Current quality control procedures and non-destructive testing routines, such as VT-Procedural Test Techniques), MT-Multi-Tasking Techniques, PT-Performance Testing and UT-Ultrasonic Testing), are all available from the HELDECO Company from the same supplier. This ensures the highest degree of precision.

Quality Assurance Certifications:
ISO 9001:2009
EN 9100:2009

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