HiCo-ICS GmbH as part of HICO Group

  • Headquarter: Burgenland
  • Federal states: Vienna, Burgenland
  • Industry sectors: Industry & production, IT, online service providers, telecommunications, Logistics, transport, traffic & infrastructure, Service providers
  • Status: Recertified


Founding year



80 %

Export share

Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Canada, USA

Since the company was founded in 1997, HICO has established economic, efficient and sustainable software solutions and services for «Integrated Product Support (IPS)» and “Service Lifecycle Management (SLM)” in a wide range of industries, especially in the aviation industry, shipbuilding and marine, as well as the field of defence and security.

The interference-free operation of complex technical systems and the maximum system availability can be sustainably improved with IPS. In this respect, relevant savings can be made in relation to life-cycle costs. This is achieved through the HICO’s information logistics approach, which ensures that the product and service information is kept very much up to date for the consumer.

With HICO solutions, the customer service teams, maintenance companies and operators of complex technical systems are able to solve technical problems quickly and economically. The correct spare parts can be provided immediately.
HICO’s fundamental paradigm for the implementation of innovative solutions for «Integrated Product Support (IPS) » is to improve the competitiveness of our customers.

Products and services

HICO considers itself a full-line supplier of solutions for «Integrated Product Support (IPS)» and “Service Lifecycle Management (SLM)“.

Our focus is on the entire product life-cycle and service life-cycle of our customers’ products. HICO offers a distinctive service portfolio, commercially available and field-tested IT solutions as well as system integration solutions from a single source for all IPS processes.
The sustainability und future safety also results from our strong commitment to the application of internationally recognised standards (ASD/AIA S1000D, S2000M, S3000L, ATA iSpec 2200 und ATA Spec2000).

The service and solution portfolio is offered for the following IPS processes:

• Design Interface: Integration of engineering in an integrated IPS process. Development-related services and tools for security analyses (verification of security/ reliability), analyses relating to support capability and maintainability of systems, etc.

• Supply Support & Provisioning: Material and spare part management for supply support, procurement and stocking of material as an integrated component in the Supply Chain Management (SCM).

• Maintenance Planning & Management: Solutions for the method-based development of maintenance programmes as the basis for an economic maintenance management system.

• Technical Data (Technical Documentation): IT solutions and services for interactive electronic technical documentation (IETD).

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