Immofinanz AG

  • Headquarter: Vienna
  • Federal states: Vienna
  • Industry sectors: Real estate & real estate service providers
  • Status: Recertified


Founding year


Immofinanz AG is a listed European commercial real estate group headquartered in Vienna. Immofinanz AG was founded in 1990 and quickly developed into one of the largest real estate groups in Austria. The real estate focus is concentrated on seven different core markets: Austria, Germany, the Czech Republic, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania. The real estate portfolio comprises 226 properties with a total value of around 4.3 billion euros. These properties can be divided into two groups: the retail portfolio with 35.3% and the office portfolio with 61.7% of the total portfolio value. In addition to purchasing and taking over existing properties, Immofinanz also invests heavily in its own projects, always with the aim of strengthening its existing assets and sustainable cash flow.

Products and services

Immofinanz AG offers three high-quality brands with international recognition value.

At myhive, the modern office solution, the aim is to create a working environment that conveys a hotel-inspired feeling of relaxation. Furthermore, myhive has state-of-the-art technical and infrastructural equipment. Many included services such as a shoemaker, a laundry, a tailor, an own lounge with napping- and smoking room try to keep the work-life balance of the tenants as balanced as possible.

With VIVO! Immofinanz AG offers a shopping center that promises more than just a simple shopping trip. VIVO! promises a shopping experience for the whole family thanks to a uniform, recognisable quality standard and a wide selection of regional and international shops.

STOP SHOP is the retail brand of Immofinanz. It appeals to local customers and provides them with a wide selection of shops for their daily needs. STOP SHOP markets not only score points for good shops, but also for their extensive parking facilities and good accessibility.

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