intertechno Funk-Technik Ges.m.b.H.

  • Headquarter: Lower Austria
  • Federal states: Lower Austria
  • Industry sectors: Trade & wholesale
  • Status: Recertified


Founding year



85 %

Export share

EU, Switzerland, Asia

intertechno wireless technology – innovative ideas from Austria
This Austrian family business was founded in 1970 and has specialised in wireless circuits for home technology for over 25 years. This technology allows existing electrical installations to be expanded and modified simply and flexibly at any time, quickly and with little effort. The company now offers the largest compatible wireless system on the market.

The guiding principle is user-friendly operation for anyone, even those without specialist knowledge, and the comfort of the customer. Conscientious production and technically flawless quality are emphasised, and all components come from reputable manufacturers. The high quality standard is guaranteed through constant in-house inspections.

The delivery programme is constantly being expanded and existing products optimised to meet the technological challenges of the modern home, such as LED or smart home technology.
And the products are compatible with each other, so devices purchased over 20 years ago can be easily expanded with intertechno’s new products and all smart home gateways.

These products have been successfully delivered in various European countries for many years. The export quota constantly exceeds 85%.
intertechno offers to develop special solutions for customers from the industrial sector and has collaborated with many renowned partners to that end.

Products and services

Wireless Circuits
The intertechno product range extends from simple wireless bells or wireless plug adapters to complex applications for potential-free circuits, automatic shutdown, and controls for blinds and garage doors. The service is rounded off by suitable transmitters, such as motion detectors, timers, magnetic switches or transmitter modules for installation in conventional switch boxes.

Smart Home
Smart home control systems let you access all the circuitry in your home from the proverbial “ends of the Earth” with no added cost.
Obviously, data security is crucial. For example, no outside server or cloud is needed. All codes and data are stored locally, with the user.
The free apps offer round-the-clock services at no charge for unlimited switching options, with numerous features like timing circuits, individualisation, group switching, scenarios and widgets.

The product family recently added an emergency call device which guarantees quick assistance in all life circumstances. If you have an accident at home or if a business is robbed, just press a button and a silent alarm will call any telephone number you choose. This will alert first responders, caretakers, family members or neighbours right away.

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