Kardex Austria GmbH

  • Headquarter: Vienna
  • Federal states: Vienna, Salzburg
  • Industry sectors: Industry & production, Logistics, transport, traffic & infrastructure, Trade & wholesale
  • Status: Recertified


Founding year



15 %

Export share

Slowenia, Croatia, Romania

As a manufacturer of innovative storage and retrieval systems together with precisely customised software packages, Kardex Remstar offers tailored solutions for the diverse requirements of the intralogistics sector to customers from all industries. As a result, for over one hundred years, the company has been one of the world’s leading suppliers of automated storage lifts and vertical carousels, which enable high-density storage using very little floor space for its customers.
Each of the Kardex Remstar products is characterised by high productivity, performance, precision and safety with effective use of space, optimised workplace ergonomics and process efficiency – all advantages which help to ensure economic efficiency and success on the customer side in the long term. The dynamic Kardex Remstar storage systems operate entirely according to the goods to person principle, which allows the must faster and more accurate processing of incoming orders. The storage work processes can be individually adjusted and optimised for the customers with a number of innovative solutions.
Furthermore, the company’s independent IT department develops high-end software solutions to support intralogistical processes for the customer.
Kardex Remstar operates internationally with more than 1,200 employees and the Austrian subsidiary Kardex Austria GmbH offers its customers direct consultancy, technology and software services.

Products and services

Kardex Remstar XP
The Kardex Remstar Vertical Lift family includes automated high-bay racking in modular design, which operate according to the «goods to person» principle – for optimal storage compression and flexible, efficient storage strategies.

Kardex Remstar RS
The Kardex Remstar Vertical Carousel family includes
automated vertical carousels, which are based on the functionality of a paternoster lift, and operate according to the «goods to person» principle – suitable for stored goods with high access frequency.

Kardex Remstar LR and LT
The Kardex Remstar Vertical Buffer family is the solution for rapidly growing product ranges with limited storage space. It is a scalable racking system with a moving mast, which transports the containers. Easy to integrate in processes and building conditions.

Kardex Remstar Horizontal
The Kardex Remstar Horizontal Carousel family includes automated horizontal carousel systems, which are used to store and retrieve goods quickly, reliably and cost-effectively.

Kardex Remstar special solutions enable storage and order picking under controlled conditions, e.g. storage systems for air-conditioned, drying and clean rooms.

Kardex Remstar offers customer-specific, economic and needs-oriented overall concepts for system solutions with conveyor systems, manipulation and lifting devices (incl. robotics) – for optimised internal storage logistics.

Customised user-friendly software packages are offered for all Kardex Remstar products.

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