• Headquarter: Vienna
  • Federal states: Vienna
  • Industry sectors: Service providers
  • Status: Recertified


Founding year



SIMACEK delivers operational excellence providing exceptional quality, service and safety in all business areas. As one of the largest full-service provider for infrastructural facility services, this Leitbetrieb with its approximately 7,000 employees is operating 24/7/365 without limitations. SIMACEK focuses on sustainability, demonstrated by its own integrated management system which is based on self-imposed standards and guidelines which ensure the highest level of quality of the services provided to the customers. For the CEO, Ursula Simacek, it is important: “Watching a company’s back so it can fully concentrate on its core business”. The company has lived up to this goal for decades.

The appreciation of the diversity of stakeholders is their strength. In order to promote positive developments and to sustainably secure jobs, the company undertakes economic, environmental and social corporate responsibility.

SIMACEK started years ago with various activities and concurrently worked on integrating CSR indicators and fields of action in its own integrated management system. Resulting in the fitness to successfully manage the company in the present as well as the future. UN Global Compact is an international multiplier; in Austria, the company is through respACT very well connected. SIMACEK believes that international companies are aware of the significance of their responsibilities in the CSR context. There are strong differences between countries when it comes to Compliance. It was therefore decided that the group always applies the strictest laws, such as for example in data security. Since the end of 2013, SIMACEK is certified according to the new Austrian Standard CSR ÖNORM 192500, which is derived from the international ISO 26000 recommendation for action. Certifications: ISO ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, EMAS, ONR 192500, national award, Nestor Gold and Audit Family and Work

Products and services

– Maintenance cleaning
– hospital hygiene
– care catering
– hotel services
– specialist cleaning
– industrial services
– height work and industrial climbers
– technical facility management
– public transport cleaning
– caretaker services
– laundry services
– waste disposal
– security services
– mailroom services
– pest control
– bird control
– hygiene products

SIMACEK Industry Services
– In-plant logistics
– Depot management
– Depot-and Container Security
– Industrial & specialist cleaning
– Production hall cleaning
– Factory property management
– Special machinery cleaning
– Facade & window cleaning
– Working at heights
– Waste management
– Technical incident management
– Maintaining technical facilities
– Handling technical facilities
– Inspecting technical facilities
– Repairing technical facilities
– Energy management & monitoring
– Online portal, infrastructure & evaluation

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