Vega International Car Transport & Logistic Trading GmbH

  • Headquarter: Vienna
  • Federal states: Salzburg
  • Industry sectors: Logistics, transport, traffic & infrastructure
  • Status: Recertified


Founding year



95 %

Export share

Europe, Russia, Turkey, Central Asia

Excellence is our driver – Vega: World of green logistic

Salzburg-based Vega International transports the most valuable products of the automotive industry. With a highly innovative spirit, we do this while assuming our responsibility for the environment within this most sensitive of sectors.
Vega transports vehicles via road, rail, and by sea. Only the best drivers are used in order to ensure a high level of safety, punctuality and environmental responsibility. Vega’s philosophy is simple: excellence.
Today Vega International, along with its subsidiary operations and branches, has approximately 1,000 experienced truck and bus operators and 120 in-house employees at its headquarters in Salzburg. In addition to earning the Daimler Award, the team at Vega International Car Transport & Logistic Trading was awarded the 2013 Export Award in the Transportation and Transport category by the Economic Chamber of Austria and the Federal Ministry of Economy.

Creating confidence
The leading worldwide manufacturers in the commercial vehicle industry, such as Mercedes, Iveco, MAN, DAF, Volvo, Scania and trailer companies like Schmitz, Krone and Kässbohrer trust the reliability and responsibility of Vega.
Today, we handle entire transport logistics networks, regardless of distance and the number of units. Approximately 80,000 vehicles are currently transferred each year. The delivery of an increasingly large number of vehicles throughout the year means that multimodal logistics chains are being linked with the involvement of roro ships and block trains.
Therefore, by using special low-floor wagons and trucks of up to four meters in height, these can be loaded onto the railways. In addition, Vega provides the commercial vehicle industry with complementary services such as warehousing, refurbishing, release agents, and more.
Wherever it may be in the world, Vega knows what is required and provides the necessary solutions to deliver vehicles just in time and safely to their destination.

Products and services

– Transport on special trailers
– Transporte per Spezialtrailer
– Rail transport
– Car transport
– Ro/Ro Services
– Combined transport
– Service centre
– Trailer trucking
– Container trucking

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