SPS Technik GmbH

  • location Headquarter: St. Valentin
  • ort Offices: Lower Austria, Upper Austria
  • branche Automotive, Service, Industry, Consumer Goods, Food & Luxury Food, Logistics, Transport, Infrastructure, Luxury Goods, Pharma, Healthcare & Bio Technology, Telecommunications


Founding Year





40,00 %

Export Share

Europe, China, Australia, worldwide

The SPS Group realises global solutions for automation projects including delivery of mechanics, electrical, software development, assembly, commissioning and service. A partnership-like relationship with their customers, technically perfect solutions and high quality ensure that the SPS Group and its customers enjoy a strong competitive position.
Around 130 PLC specialists consider themselves partners for the automotive, supplier and manufacturing industry, as well as power plants and environmental technology, and offer tailor-made solutions for all industries and production sites.


As an automation service provider, the specialists at SPS are focused on special solutions and tailor-made systems for the following areas:

- Automotive
- Aluminium and extrusion presses
- Logistics
- Plastics
- Pharmaceuticals and chemistry
- Wood and paper

- Sanding
- Packing
- Conveying
- Handling and palletising
- Processing
- Warehouse logistics
- Simulation and factory planning