Worldwide success, made in Austria

Austrian model companies discussed how to become the best in the world from Austria at the Novomatic Forum upon the invitation of Leitbetriebe Austria. The most important keys to success: Innovation and excellent staff.
A mere seven years have passed since four young IT professionals had the curious idea that amateur athletes could check, document and control their training using an App. Today, around 85 million runners do this worldwide, the company is part of a global group and the four founders are, to put it modestly, fairly wealthy.
“A classic Silicon Valley success story, except that this story takes place in Linz and thus runtastic has not become an American, but rather a Austrian global player within a decade”, says Monica Rintersbacher, Managing Director of the excellence platform “Leitbetriebe Austria”. At the event “Made in Austria – how Austrian global players become the driving force for the entire domestic economy”, representatives of Austrian model companies discussed the opportunities offered by Austria for globally active companies and how to successfully become the best in the world.
“Austria as a business location is a good starting point, but the critical success factors lie with the companies themselves”, Rintersbacher summarises the discussion with representatives of various companies such as Novomatic, runtastic, Phoenix Contact, Wolf Plastics and Syma. “The similarities of all resoundingly successful Austrian companies are constant innovation and excellent staff.”


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