Cyberattacks aren’t inevitable

6 April 2017

Efficient protection against cybercrime

–  Raising awareness of potential hazards is the first step towards greater security.
–  Use of simple and inexpensive measures is already enough to eliminate most threats.
–  Cybersecurity requires ongoing adjustments.

Vienna, 05 April 2017
Attacks on IT infrastructure are now one of the greatest threats for Austrian companies. The threat potential ranges from banal website hacking to massive disturbances of digitalised production processes. While leading domestic companies already implement targeted defence strategies to a large extent, the situation for Austrian companies is still not satisfactory overall. This is something that numerous experts emphasised in a panel entitled “Cybersecurity: Seizing Opportunities and Eliminating Dangers”  for the Leitbetriebe Austria excellence platform.  The event was held in cooperation with the network partners Raiffeisen Landesbank NÖ-Wien and bit media e-solution.
Monica Rintersbacher, Director of Leitbetriebe Austria, pointed out the dangerous mix of suppression and fatalism with respect to cybercrime: “Today virtually all companies are aware of the dangers posed by cybercrime, but they often don’t do anything about it. Lack of knowledge about useful mitigation strategies apparently leads to people actually accepting possible attacks on the company’s IT and data as inevitable – which it definitely is not.”

Press release

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Titelfoto vlnr.: Walter Khom,MBA, Geschäftsführer bit media e-solutions GmbH; Dir. Mag. Michaela Rammel, MBA, Bereichsleiterin Firmenkunden, Raiffeisenlandesbank NÖ-Wien AG; Stefan Kojalek, Geschäftsführer, Aktuell Raiffeisen Versicherungs-Maklerdienst GesmbH; Mag. Monica Rintersbacher, Geschäftsführerin Leitbetriebe Austria; Philipp Blauensteiner, Leiter des Cyber Security Centers im Bundesamt für Verfassungsschutz und Terrorismusbekämpfung (BVT)
Fotocredit: Sabine Klimpt