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Great success for apprentices at AMATIC Industries

Two employees from AMATIC Industries took part in the final apprenticeship exam for electrical engineering at the technical college ‘Berufsschule 5’ in Linz in February 2018. The brilliant result: two excellent success stories. Christina Machado from Ebensee and Markus Hinterberger from Frankenburg have completed their apprenticeship at AMATIC Industries that lasted three and half years in total. Both were personally congratulated on their great success by the management team at the company headquarters in Rutzenmoos.

Tatjana Bauer-Engstberger, member of the AMATIC board of directors, was clearly pleased with both outstanding employees: “We are very proud of the great success of our apprentices. It proves that the in-house apprenticeship program is the right way to go. At the same time it serves as both incentive and example for our new staff. As one of the leading technology companies in Upper Austria, supporting young people from the region is something that we place great focus on. We look forward to the continued cooperation with Ms. Machado and Mr. Hinterberger and wish them both every success. We also thank our trainers under the leadership of Mr. Peter Reifinger. This remarkable achievement would not have been possible without their active support“, continued Mrs. Bauer-Engstberger.

About AMATIC Industries:
AMATIC Industries is a globally active technology company and a leading provider of innovative products for the entertainment and casino industries. Founded in 1993 with headquarters in Rutzenmoos in the Salzkammergut, it is one of the classic medium-sized companies that plays a decisive role in the success of Austria as a business location through high productivity and tax contributions. AMATIC Industries is a member of ‘Leading Companies in Austria’ and was distinguished as ‘TOP Training Company’ by the Austrian Chamber of Commerce. 

Photo: Joint delight in their excellent success: Hildegard Mayr, Peter Reifinger, Markus Hinterberger, Christina Machado,  Tatjana  Bauer-Engstberger, Manuel Hofer (all from AMATIC Industries, from left to right)

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