Plachutta: Nachhaltiger Tafelspitz – Zertifizierung eines Leitbetriebes


Austria’s leading restaurateur receives award for exemplary entrepreneurial practice.

“There are many restaurants – only few have a mission – Plachutta definitely has one!” states Monica Rintersbacher, Managing Director of the Leitbetriebe Austria. “Plachutta is internationally renowned and thus a brand ambassador for Austria.

Concurrently, the procurement of food remains transparent and employees are cared for and recognized as the core capital of the company”, says Rintersbacher further.

The consistent long-term structuring of the company, with the awareness for the responsibility of society and regionalism, as well as the high quality standards applied towards customer satisfaction, professionalism and high-level kitchen distinguish Plachutta as an Austrian “Leitbetrieb” (leading company).

Dr. Michael Blass, Managing Director of Agrarmarkt Austria, explains Plachutta’s success as follows: “Beef combines both a great tradition and an impressive variety of culinary delights. The Plachutta family has significantly contributed to the beef culture. The local agriculture is thereby supplying the solid base.” Plachutta delivers the meat with the AMA Quality Seal to the dinner plate of the consumer. Meat, whose quality is controlled and whose origin is traceable.

It all started with the Emperor: “The cooked beef was never to be missed on his table.” states Mario Plachutta. This tradition has been kept alive and nurtured for over three decades in the now legendary Plachutta restaurants. “Only the very best products Austria has to offer form the basis of our unique Viennese kitchen. This has made Plachutta a fixed hallmark for any visitors to Vienna, the likes of St. Stephen’s Cathedral and the famous Giant Ferris Wheel.”

The certificate award ceremony was held amidst a cozy atmosphere with appropriate spring weather at Plachutta’s  “Gasthaus zur Oper “. Just at the right time, because in Vienna, the season of sidewalk cafés and shady garden restaurants has arrived!

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