Delegation mit “Starke Regionen-Starkes Europa” im Europäischen Rat

June 2013: “A valuable journey”, agreed all of the participants of the economic business delegation to Brussels. Participating, among other things, were the authors Dr. Johannes Ausserladscheiter, Joe Miedl MBA, Martin Reiter and Monica Rintersbacher (Leitbetriebe Austria) as well as other business people.
The book presentation “Strong Regions Strong Europe” was confidently hosted by Andrae Rupprechter (Secretary General of the Council of the European Union) and caused afterwards for a lively exchange of words on the podium. The development and the European thought of “unity in diversity” were the focus of the discussions.

Through the expansion of broadband Internet, positive regional development opportunities were noticed in the region Triestingtal. Currently, Lower Austria commissioned a study that researches the development strategy of the region. The results are expected in the coming weeks.
“A successful day,” because this regionally-relevant topic could be deposited by the business delegation on the highest level. Conclusion for Leitbetriebe Austria: “Once again we have seen the importance of the collaborative development of the different sites and regions. This makes the professional structuring & preservation of companies possible which is the basis for stepping out across the borders. A relevant topic for our network will be the future focus on internationalization, “said Monica Rintersbacher.