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Schlumberger’s sparkling brand relaunch

Austria’s iconic sparkling wine brand has launched an effervescent new look. Schlumberger has joined forces with advertising agency Leo Burnett to revamp the brand, encompassing everything from the logo, bottle design, online store and advertising materials. After implementing an extensive branding project with the support of leading brand consultancies Brand Logic and Brand Trust, Schlumberger is celebrating a sparkling relaunch. The new and fresh look continues to represent values such as tradition and connoisseurship but also today’s modern lifestyle.

Austria’s favourite sparkling wine brand* pulled out all the stops last year.The brand of the moment has continued to evolve, whilst remaining faithful to its long history of nearly 180 years and maintaining a uniform brand image. “This is Schlumberger’s biggest relaunch of the past 40 years and incorporates brand management and brand development at the highest level. I am very proud and grateful to have had the opportunity to be responsible for this process of change,” explains Florian Czink, Marketing Director at Schlumberger.

Modern elegance meets tradition
The logo continues to symbolise the past and tradition, whilst conveying a sense of modern elegance. The font has been pared back a little to improve readability and assure recognisability. The eagle in the logo has also been slightly simplified to make it more visible.

The new sparkling wine bottles also boast a new and even more elegant look. Schlumberger has avoided creating an overly decorative effect, opting for a more linear design instead. The label retains a simple and modern design, whilst focusing on the essential. The relevant category of sparkling wine is specified on the bottleneck and integrated more seamlessly into the design. The Schlumberger brand promise ‘Austrian Sparkling’ has also been placed in a prominent position on the label.

“As founders of the Austrian sparkling wine industry, we are using the ’Austrian Sparkling’ brand promise to reinvigorate this category of wine. We see ourselves as ambassadors of Austrian sparkling wine, so we want to send a message out into the world that underscores our USP, namely: only Austrian grapes are used to make our high-quality sparkling wines, which boast a fresh and light taste profile. Our wines are also produced in accordance with the ‘méthode traditionnelle’ and bear the ‘Kellereipunkt’ (cellar mark) seal of approval. Wine connoisseurs also appreciate the low histamine levels, which are barely measurable at under 0.1 mg/l. We clearly differentiate ourselves from regular producers of sparkling wines through these many distinguishable features,” explains Florian Czink.

In addition to the products, the Schlumberger online store and website have also been revamped as part of the brand relaunch. Both are now aligned perfectly with the brand image and boast a number of new features, such as the option to create your own customised wine bottle labels.

Prioritising brand recognition and a modern image
Across the entire marketing strategy from the logo and bottle design to the web store and advertising materials, Schlumberger has focused its attention on creating a coherent, modern and elegant image. “The pared-back design underscores the elegance of the brand in a contemporary way. We have paid special attention to ensuring each product is completely recognisable and to creating a coherent brand identity across the entire product range. The light and fresh character of our speciality sparkling wine products is reflected in the outstanding quality of the new design,” explains Bettina Ullmann, Schlumberger Group Brand Manager, who is extremely excited about the relaunch.

This successful marketing programme was also underpinned by the enduring partnership between Schlumberger and Leo Burnett, which has been strong for nearly 40 years. “We understand the company’s brand history just as well as we understand its incredible innovative strength. And both these elements are clearly conveyed in the new brand identity in a contemporary way and at a prestigious international level,” continues Michael Schwarzinger from the Leo Burnett Marketing Agency. The new brand identity places Schlumberger in an extremely advantageous position, enabling the company to look forward to a bright and sparkling future.

The origin of the grapes is very important to the Schlumberger brand because it reinforces the ‘made in Austria’ quality the company is so proud of. Schlumberger sparkling wines are exclusively made from superior-quality Austrian grapes, which sets them apart from all similar brands. The grapes only ever have to be transported over short distances within Austria, which is another reason why Schlumberger sparkling wines are guaranteed to maintain a consistently high quality. The wide choice of product lines, ranging from ‘Klassik’, ‘Reserve’ to ‘Grosse Reserve’ means there is something to suit every taste.

* Market Quality Award 2020


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