Soziale Verantwortung und Exzellenz verstehen sich

On the evening of May 14, 2014, Monica Rintersbacher, Manager at Leitbetriebe Austria, connected many excellent players in the Austrian economy at an event at the beautiful Palais Esterházy. The topic of the evening was: “Instruments in the fight for talent.”

The experts’ statements during the panel discussion confirmed the study conducted by the Leitbetriebe Institute on the topic Hidden Champions. Austrian companies with excellent results are characterised by high employee satisfaction and a low level of sick leave. Mag. Monica Rintersbacher also emphasised the significant connection between a strong brand and a low staff turnover rate. She also pointed out the opportunity for companies to use an employee’s honest identification for the benefit of the company’s performance. “People in a highly individualistic society have an incredible longing for commitment. As the private and social spheres within companies become more and more blurred,” the futurologist Harry Gatterer said.


Foto from left to right: Andreas Schrefl, Mitglied der Geschäftsführung Österreich Fritz Egger GmbH & Co. OG Holzwerkstoffe, Dir. Dr. Erich Laminger, Geschäftsführer „Great Place to work“ Österreich, Mag. Monica Rintersbacher, Geschäftsführerin Leitbetriebe Austria, Mag. Peter Eitzenberger, Vorstandsvorsitzender VBV – Vorsorgekasse, Harry Gatterer, Zukunftsforscher, Mag. Stefan Gehrer, Moderator ORF

Fotocredit: (c) He Shao Hui