Leitbetriebe Austria’s Christmas punch

24 th of November 2016

“When as a mother you’re running out of money, watching every penny and afraid of losing the flat, then it gets really tough. The only thing you think is: What’s the biggest catastrophe I have to avert?”, says one mother, who found refuge in one of Vienna’s mother-child homes.

For the third time in a row Leitbetriebe Austria is supporting Gabi Pröll’s project ZUKUNFT I GEBEN with the aim of collecting donations for the Caritas mother-child-homes and providing these mothers and their children with hope for an independent future.

We thank all of our partners for coming!

Photo: Mag. Monica Rintersbacher, DDr. Michael Landau, Dipl.-Ing. Gabriele Pröll

Copyright: Felicitas Matern feel image – Fotografie e.U