Wirtschafts-Gipfel mit Leitbetrieben

150 business leaders of successful companies as well as diplomats reached new heights during the 4th Economic Hike sponsored by café + co International Holding, Leitbetriebe Austria and others.  Present were the Governor of Tyrol Günther Platter, Joseph Pröll, Karlheinz Töchterle and Monica Rintersbacher, Managing Director of Leitbetriebe Austria.

Ex-Vice Chancellor Josef Pröll seemed optimistic, even prior to storming the summit itself: “Hiking has strong symbolic powers: After a difficult crisis, things are always looking up.”  A sentiment that only applies in limited format to the participating Leitbetriebe such as café + co International, ABB, the Bit Group and others. These had already gathered the previous evening amidst a cozy cabin atmosphere where the new members of Leitbetriebe Austria were awarded their certificates and they exchanged their recipes for success from the prior years. 

Networking brings success

Minister of Science, Karlheinz Töchterle, stressed that the meeting of managers and diplomats is an expression of “regional economic strength and international networking” which is typical for Tyrol. Monica Rintersbacher, Managing Director of Leitbetriebe Austria, considers the increasing networking of Austrian companies and entrepreneurs as one of the essential strengths of the domestic economy: “Through contacts with other European networks, I am constantly made aware of how great our economy organizes itself and exchanges ideas on a high level. I believe that exactly these networks make us strong in Europe and in the rest of the world.” It also shows that the success-oriented companies are precisely those who actively network, states Rintersbacher further: “We stand for companies and managers that use a direct approach, and not for those that remain behind in the valley and complain. The network Leitbetriebe functions like a good climbing team: Communication and mutual support lead to the summit.”

Other climbers

Additional ambitious climbers in the 4th Economic Hike held in Pillersetal and sponsored by café + co International with its CEO Gerald Steger were amongst others LK Secretary General August Astl, NEWS-General Axel Bogocz, GEBRO Holding CEO Pascal Broschek, Berglandmilch General Director Josef Braunhofer, ABB Board of Directors Member Chalupecky Franz, Fritz Egger GmbH plant manager Matthias Danzl and Raiffeisen Holding LA Vienna Board President Karl Donabauer.

The following companies were awarded the certificate “Leitbetriebe Austria”: the Bit Group, Daikin Air Conditioning and IS Debt Collections.