Spektrum Österreich – Mehrwert für internationale Wertschöpfung

Vienna, 09.08.2013: High potential lies in the diversity of cultures, this the thesis of the forum Logistics Intelligence which last Thursday discussed the international creation of added value through logistics at the Vienna Chamber of Commerce at Schwarzenbergplatz in Vienna.

The event titled “Spectrum Austria – Added Value for International Added Value” set out the task to explain the added value of “mixed” teams:

“Diversity, among other things the diversity of national origins, different cultures, different genders, as well as the involvement of young and old are not due to tolerance in successful businesses but rather a necessity of economic success,” stated Monica Rintersbacher, Managing Director of Leitbetriebe Austria, which with these words opened the discussion.

The initiator of the forum “Logistics Intelligence”, Mr. Davor Sertic, Managing Director of Unit Cargo confirms this from his own business practice: “We have people from 10 nations. Without them, our business would certainly not be among the top export companies here in Austria.”

Other panelists and speakers:

Sebastian Short, Secretary of State for Integration
Diversity expert Manfred Wondrak, MBA
Prof. Andreas Breinbauer, Head of the Higher Academic Programs for Logistics and Transport Management and Rector (FH) at the University of Applied Sciences bfi Vienna