BCK10T and BCK20T – the revolution in cast iron turning

Austrian carbide and tool specialist Boehlerit has optimised the successful TERAspeed 2.0 coating for use in cast iron milling and now cast iron turning applications are also set to benefit. A thorough analysis of the market situation and coating tests that were completed internally paved the way for a new generation of coatings. The new cast CVD coating makes the most of the advantages of its individual components.

Alpha-aluminium oxide is separated by means of targeted process management. It works as a heat shield and protects the indexable insert from high temperatures. Underneath, a medium-temperature titanium-carbon nitride layer provides the required wear resistance. A thickness of 20µm and the optimised roundings of the edges ensure a high level of edge stability and ideal cutting conditions.

The current geometries of the casting programme are made with the latest generation of reference clamping systems. Compared to older systems, the increased rigidity and repetition accuracy makes for a reduction of the pressing gap, which in turn increases press quality (burr-free pressing). This has a positive influence on work flows further down the line and significantly improves productivity.

The new Boehlerit casting grades BCK10T and BCK20T offer top quality, excellent machining properties and optimal distribution of cutting forces.

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