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FACC receives innovation award

Innovation is a key factor of success for the international aerospace company FACC and an important part of its DNA. Around 20% of FACC’s workforce are engaged in research and development. The company holds over 300 patents and focuses on high-tech products and services. The company continually drives forward technical innovations in all areas of the business as well as implementing new product developments and moving forward as a pioneer in the field of urban air mobility. The business journal ‘trend’ and the Austrian Association for Consumer Studies (ÖGVS) recently presented FACC with a special commendation for its outstanding innovative strength at the 2020/21 Innovation Awards.

The aviation industry is among the most innovative industries in the world. It is therefore no surprise that FACC focuses on research and development, innovation, technology and digitalisation in order to offer optimised products and services to customers in all parts of the globe. FACC has consistently followed this strategy over the past 30 years to become one of the leading technology partners and systems suppliers for the entire aviation sector. Approximately 20% of the workforce are currently working on developing and advancing the technologies of tomorrow. R&D accounts for 10% of the company’s expenditure. FACC holds over 300 technology solution patents.

“Our products and systems are currently used in all leading passenger aircraft models in the world. This allows us to operate from a position of strength and consistently work towards offering even better product and system solutions, which deliver even greater levels of efficiency, safety, sustainability and comfort to the aviation industry,” explains Robert Machtlinger, CEO of FACC AG as he describes the company’s overall approach. “This is how we are actively shaping mobility solutions of the future and how we are at the forefront of advancing areas of innovation, such as urban air mobility.”

Commended for outstanding achievements in R&D
The business journal ‘trend’ and the ÖGVS have now launched the new Innovation Award in order to recognise companies which have filed an above average number of new patent applications. FACC holds 370 patents and divisional applications in various countries. As FACC has notched up so many patents, a special prize was awarded to the company for the ‘aviation, aeronautics and aerospace’ category. “We are absolutely delighted to have received such a prestigious award,” Robert Machtlinger continues. “It’s great to receive such an accolade, which will spur us on in our continuous research and development efforts. We have a strong commitment to our research and development facilities in Austria and will continue to press ahead with developing specialised mobility solutions of the future.”

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