Manuela Lindlbauer, Monica Rintersbacher, Christine Marek / Copyright: Leitbetriebe Austria

Leitbetriebe Austria strengthen competence in the areas of education / training and employer branding

  • Christine Marek appointed education officer
  • Manuela Lindlbauer is responsible for the management of the “Enjoyment of work” unit

Recruiting and retaining qualified and motivated employees in a company for the long term is becoming an increasingly important success factor in the expertise-intensive economy. This applies in particular to Austrian leading companies that play a pioneering role in matters of digitalisation and innovation. Leitbetriebe Austria takes this into account by further strengthening competence in these areas.

Leitbetriebe Austria has been able to recruit expert Christine Marek, Managing Director of CM Consulting, which is specialised in the development of projects in the area of work and family as well as diversity management, and former State Secretary at the Ministry of Economic Affairs, as education officer. “On the one hand, we want to provide impetus for company measures which they can use to improve family-friendliness – keywords company kindergartens or cooperation with existing kindergartens, care facilities, etc. – and on the other hand, we will also consistently engage in the social and political discourse on this issue: Children and young people need support in kindergarten, primary school and secondary school so that vocational training can then actually take place and be completed at a high level.”

Another prominent relationship has been established for the “Enjoyment of work” unit. This will be managed by Manuela Lindlbauer, Managing Director of Lindlpower Personalmanagement and LP Experts Personalmanagement, in the future. “We deliberately chose a very emotive name for this area because attractiveness as an employer is not simply a question of hard facts such as pay or working hours”, says Lindlbauer. “Companies have to convey the meaning of work and design this and their relationship with their employees in such a way that work is enjoyable. This allows you to attract the renowned ‘best minds’ and get their full commitment.“

“Education and employer branding are key issues for Austrian leading companies and conversely it is also important for Austria as a business location that the leading companies bring their practical expertise and thus drive development forward here”, says Leitbetriebe Austria Managing Director Monica Rintersbacher. “With Christine Marek and Manuela Lindlbauer, we have two outstanding experts in these subject areas, they are both members of the Leitbetriebe Austria advisory board, they have practical expertise and they will provide valuable impetus to leading companies with their energy and competence. Our initiative ‘Made in Austria – New thinking’ provided a strong impetus for how high-quality jobs can be retained and created. We will advance the discourse regarding how companies can attract the required qualified and motivated employees with the two focus topics.”