Start Allgemein Verkehrsadern sind Lebensadern: Wiener Linien von Leitbetriebe Austria ausgezeichnet

Verkehrsadern sind Lebensadern: Wiener Linien von Leitbetriebe Austria ausgezeichnet

(06.11.2014, Vienna)

Wiener Linien (Viennese Lines) and Leitbetriebe Austria invited ORF journalist Stefan Gehrer to a controversial business talk in the new Verkehrsmuseum (Traffic Museum) in Vienna. With a number of experts, Hidden Champions discussed about the potential and the challenges of the city of Vienna, particularly in connection with achieving soft location factors, which could make the city attractive for qualified employees.

Stadt Wien (City of Vienna) – Planning Director, Thomas Madreiter, gave a glimpse into the future: „Vienna finds itself in global competition and public urban transport is a significant infrastructure factor in the international competitive race.“ Monica Rintersbacher, CEO, Leitbetriebe Austria, emphasised the significance of the soft location factors for the local companies: „What is obvious is that the soft location factors are becoming increasingly more important in a society of information and science, in order to get trained employees and to retain them. This is why the significance of the quality of life and infrastructure ought to increase in this connection. Put in other words: To develop the economy of a city, the key figure is not only the number of the companies located there, but the perceived quality of life – and, in fact, not that of the existing residents, but also of potential newcomers arriving from beyond the city borders.“ This is what Günter Steinbauer, Chairman of the Executive Management of Wiener Linien GmbH & Co KG also added: „Finally, we also do not align the Wiener Linien as a transport company. We produce locational advantages on the basis of the operative business of a transport company.“